10 Easy Changes

Going Zero Waste seems like a daunting task. To be honest that’s why it took me a lot longer to get started, but after doing a bit of online research, there are some really easy ways to get going and some things are no cost.

1.Say NO to plastic straws. This one is easy, just say no, and if you must have a straw, purchase a stainless steel one that you can pop in a bag when you go out.

2.Use a reusable bag. Some shops and most supermarkets sell cotton shopping bags. They are easily foldable so can be taken in your pocket or backpack.

3.Get package free produce. One of the things I noticed when I started thinking about my life less plastic – boy oh boy, supermarkets love packaging! However, it is possible to shop in supermarkets and get loose fruit and veg. Also, take advantage of any local market or farms. As an extra positive, you’ll be supporting your local community.

4.Recycle / upcycle. It’s great that we have a 2 weekly recycle collection, and I do work at making sure that everything that can be, is recycled. Also, I do love a good upcycle project.

5.Swap plastic. Have loads of Tupperware pots? I did! I am slowly getting / reusing glass jars for things in my kitchen. On the plus side, I can see what I have left and it looks better in my cupboard.

6.Eat in/ at home. To avoid disposable waste, either enjoy a meal or a coffee at home or, if you are out, take 5 minutes and sit in.

7.Make cleaning products. There are so many recipes available online for homemade cleaning products, from laundry detergent to drain cleaner.

8.Shop second hand. You can get some nice finds for the whole family, and indeed the whole house, if you have a good rummage in a charity shop.

9.Handmade. If, like me, you have a sewing machine that is feeling a bit lonely, go and make them happy and sew some stuff, cloth produce bags, clothes, toys, the list goes on.

10..Milk delivery. Look online for your local milk delivery. All in glass bottles and delivered to your door – score!

I am slowly introducing more zero waste habits in to my life and hopefully this inspires others to do so also.


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