Zero Waste Gift Ideas

With the month of March fast approaching, I have a few birthdays and Mother’s Day coming up (and of course Valentine’s day has just been and gone). I have been getting my thinking cap on and trying to come up with some zero/less waste gift ideas. So I thought I would share my ideas and, hopefully, lend some inspiration.

Make / Bake – Bake cookies. The first Valentines I spent with my now husband I was desperately poor, so I baked some peanut butter cookies. It’s still a yearly tradition 14 years later. Homemade preserve and ginger beer, or something stronger, like infused gin or any other alcohol of your choice, are all well received gifts too.

Experiences – Why not treat someone to a massage, a voucher for haircut or even a music lesson. If money is lacking, you can make a good old coupon book with a task you will carry out upon request i.e. 10 minutes’ foot rub, “I will do the washing and drying” etc. You can be as creative as you like.

Zero waste kit – Help someone discover how easy Zero waste swaps can be with a reusable coffee cup, let’s face it we all need one. Other options could include a stainless steel water bottle or lunch box or reusable Bamboo cutlery. A shampoo bar and bamboo toothbrush are all great and useful things to have also.

For the kids – Wooden toys. We have been buying wooden toys as they have a longer life span than plastic ones. Although as we are early in our journey, we do have some plastic toys. Once they have reached the end of their life cycle in our house they are donated to charity to be reused. Homemade playdoh and handmade crayons are always a hit with little ones as well. 

I hope I have given some food for thought. I’m off to make some gifts now!


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